Include Commission Defaults when cloning a job


Updated on 10/01/2021


When a user clones a job, they can choose to include Commission Defaults that have been set. This means users do not need to re-enter commissions manually.


First, set the commission allocation to the desired users, commission types, and percentages, on the job detail.




Next, click Create Clone. The system will display the Clone a Job dialog.


The dialog includes a toggle to "Copy Commission Allocation." Set the toggle to Yes to include the commission defaults in the cloned job.


Note: As the screenshot indicates, the commission default on cloned jobs is pulled from the Commission Allocation widget on the Job Details. To use the Job Template commission defaults, set Commission Allocation to No when cloning jobs. 

Click here for information about Cloning a Job.


Select any additional desired options to be transferred to the cloned job, select a Notification option (required), scroll down, and click Clone. The system displays a Clone Completed dialog.



Click the Go to Cloned Job button. The system will display it. The Commission Allocation for the cloned job will be taken from the source job.


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