Search & View Company Invoices

Activate invoices on user profiles, access the Invoices Tab in the Company record, and utilize search and filtering options for efficient invoice retrieval, viewing, downloading, and printing within the Avionté platform.

Key Takeaways

  • Enable invoice activation on user profiles to facilitate streamlined access.
  • Utilize search parameters for targeted invoice retrieval based on company, date range, and status.
  • Efficiently view, download, and print invoices within the Avionté platform for comprehensive financial management.



Search for Company Invoices
Viewing Invoices
Searching and Loading
    0 Oustanding Invoices
    Loading Symbol
    Searching different Companies



Search for Company Invoices

Ensure that you have the Invoices activated on your user profile.

  1. Go to a Company record
    Searching for Companies
  2. Click on the Invoices Tab


  3. There is a Search section at the top of the Invoices Tab


  4. If you don't change any options, and click on the View Invoices button then all Invoices will be displayed (for that Company)
  5. Enter information into the following fields to narrow the results:
    Note: None of these fields are required to search.
    1. Select company: Start typing the Company name and select the appropriate option.
    2. Select company branches: Select a Company Branch, only if you don't want to include all Branches.
      1. If you don't select a Branch then all Branches will be included.
    3. Invoice only open invoices (checkbox): Check this to include Open Invoices.
      1. Notice when you click this checkbox, the Start Date and End Date fields are hidden.
    4. Start Date: Select a Start date for the invoice search
      1. The default is -3 months (+ 1 day) from today
        Example: If today is 6/20/22, then the Start Date would be 03/19/22
    5. End Date: Select an End date for the invoice search
      1. The default is +1 month (-1 day) from today
        Example: If today is 6/20/22, then the End Date would be 07/19/22
  6. There are now 2 sections (Open Invoices and Invoices Summaries).




Viewing Invoices

Whether you are viewing Open Invoices or Invoice Summaries, they use the same template (format).

  1. Click on an Invoice Icon, in the View Invoice column.


  2. A new Tab will open to the Invoice


  3. This is an example of an Invoice



Once you are viewing the Invoice, you can download it.




Once you are viewing the Invoice, you can print it.




Searching and Loading

When doing a search, it may take a few seconds for the data to load.  The larger the Date Range, the longer the search may take.


You may briefly see the following on the Invoices Tab while the data is loading.  


0 Oustanding Invoices

Wait a few more seconds for the data to finish loading.  This message will change to the loading symbol very quickly.



Loading Symbol

Wait a few more seconds for the data to finish loading.  Also notice that the Invoice Summaries section has loaded.



Searching different Companies

The invoices on the Company Tab only apply to the Company record you are viewing.

Although you have the ability to search for different Companies, it will only display the current Company record's invoices.

  1. In the select company field, I typed: ABC
  2. Notice that I'm on the Company record of Avenir.


  3. I have the ability to select a different Company record.
  4. If I select a Company
  5. Then click on the View Invoices button


  6. The Invoices loaded are only for Avenir (since that is the Company record that I'm on).
  7. You should briefly see the loading screen while the invoices are listed.


  8. The Invoices displayed are for Avenir, and not ABC Staffing.




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