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This article provides instructions on how to handle rate changes for contractors within the Avionté system without creating a new job. It guides users through updating contract details, setting end reasons, extending contracts, and managing rate changes while maintaining a clear audit trail for the changes made.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté offers a streamlined process for handling rate changes for contractors without the need to create new job records, allowing for efficient management of pay rate adjustments within existing assignments.

  • By selecting "Rate Change" as the end reason and extending the contract with a new end date, users can effectively implement rate adjustments while maintaining a clear and visible audit trail of the changes.

  • This approach enhances administrative efficiency and provides a seamless workflow for managing contractor pay rate modifications, ultimately simplifying the process for staffing professionals.


First, from the Hired Details for the selected contractor, select an end date for the last day they’ll receive the old pay rate.

As the system recognizes an end to the contract, you’ll see the “End Reason” dropdown appear below.  Select “Rate Change” as the reason.  If you don’t already have “Rate Change” as an option, navigate to Table Editor > Job End Reasons to add this as an option:


Going back to the Hired Details widget, you’ll see the contract duration ending on the date you just selected.  


Navigate back to the edit option for this assignment.  For the next step, you will need to enter a new job start and end date.  

Note: You can't select an open-ended date, there must be an End Date listed.  

We recommend selecting an end date far into the future to avoid having to constantly “extend” the contract.


When you select a new end date, select “Yes” from the Extend Contract prompt, then select “Rate Change” as the Reason for Contract Extension.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. If you select No, your past assignment history will be deleted.

Then make sure to adjust the bill/pay rate.



After making these changes, you will notice the “Rate Change” option below the Contract Extensions/LifeCycle button within the edit option of the Hired Details. Clicking this allows you to take the same steps: End the contract or extend the contract.

Lastly, because the extension was applied, you’ll see the activity logged on the talent.  This is one of the main reasons we recommend handling rate changes this way, as you can see the paper trail of the changes, and you’re able to manage it all within the same assignment record.





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