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This article provides instructions on how to handle rate changes for contractors within the Avionté system without creating a new job. It guides users through updating contract details, setting end reasons, extending contracts, and managing rate changes while maintaining a clear audit trail for the changes made.

NOTE: If a job is tied to a locked template, you will not be able to modify this rate.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté offers a streamlined process for handling rate changes for contractors without the need to create new job records, allowing for efficient management of pay rate adjustments within existing assignments.

  • By editing the Rate Change within the Hired Details Widget on the Job Details page, you can seamlessly update a rate without the need to manually extend the contract. Users can effectively implement rate adjustments while maintaining a clear and visible audit trail of the changes.

  • This approach enhances administrative efficiency and provides a seamless workflow for managing contractor pay rate modifications, ultimately simplifying the process for staffing professionals.



If you need to change multiple talent, from the Job Details in question where the placed Talent is, head down to the Hired Details Widget to find the Talent/s that need their Rate Changed.


It's important to note that using the Edit button beside a Talent is only necessary if the wrong Pay Rate was put in place. In all other cases, whether you are editing one Talent or multiple, you want to proceed by using the Mass Actions step to avoid altering any historical data.


Upon selecting Mass Update Rates, a fly-out will appear.

NOTE: When a locked Custom Job Template is used on a job, you cannot perform this action in this manner, and this option will not appear. If this is the case, you will have to use the edit button to the right of each individual talent's name to make this change.


Here you will input the date the new Pay Rate will begin in the Start Date box and input your Reason for Contract Extension.

Adjust the Bill Rate and Pay Rate accordingly.

Determine whether you are keeping the Current OT/DT Rates, or making an adjustment.

Hit Save when your edits are complete.

You can then select the Edit icon next to the Talent name then click Contract Extensions/LifeCycle to see any rate changes. 

NOTE: When these are updated in this manner, any additional transactions identified in the Additional Transactions widget will not be updated because those transactions are completely separate/de-coupled from pay rates.

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