Set up and Use Commission Allocator

Users want a streamlined process for commissions; this achieves efficiency and accuracy when allocating them. When organizations have a large number of jobs and placements, users do not want to configure commissions individually, as this can result in mistakes and taking extra time to ensure commissions were done correctly. In AviontéBOLD, users can define defaults for commissions so that individual configuration is not necessary.

Key Takeaways

  • AviontéBOLD offers a streamlined commission allocation process, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in handling commissions for a large number of jobs and placements.
  • Users can define default commission settings, eliminating the need for individual configuration and reducing the risk of errors.
  • The Back Office Commissions report allows for easy tracking and management of commission amounts, providing a comprehensive overview for efficient commission handling.


Set Up the Commission Allocator role
Apply Commissions
Track Commissions (Back Office Commissions Report)
Run the Report



Setting Up the Commission Allocator role

Setting commissions is controlled by granting the required permission to the role for users who need it.

  1. Click on Account & Settings
  2. Click on User Accounts
  3. Select the User
  4. Click on the Edit Access button

    Account Settings - Users - Edit Access.gif
  5. Click the checkbox for "Commissions Allocator"
  6. Click on the Save button




Applying Commissions

Applying commissions can be done when starting a candidate in the system. 

  • While on the Talent/Candidates Page, select the Quick Action "Assign Talent."


  • Select the Job for which the candidate is to start.

  • Once the Assign on Job flyout appears, scroll to the bottom and toggle Commission Allocation from "Off" to "On"


  • You can then choose the users who will get a commission, their commission type, and their percentage/amount.
    • The commission can be entered as a percentage or dollar amount. Once one is entered, the other is automatically calculated. **Note that the percentage must equal 100.
  • Once the commission has been entered, click Assign Talent.

Applying or editing a commission after an applicant has been started on a job can be done in the Hired Details on the Job Details page. 





Tracking Commissions (Back Office Commissions Report)

Commissions can be tracked using the Back Office Commissions report located under the Analyze tab. It is important to know that Commission amounts will not appear until after Pay & Bill Processing has been run. 

To run the report you will need the associated permission. Go to your user profile (from the main menu, click on your name) > click Edit Access > search for "back" > check the box for "Back Office Commissions."




Run the report

  • Go to Analyze Tab > Reports > click Operational Reports > Back Office Commissions Report
  • Using the Filter Icon, select your parameters (Division, Region, Office, HCM User, Date Range)
  • Results will display by week ending date and commission type, giving you the exact total commission amount by the week.



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