Expiring Applicant Tags and Documents

It is not uncommon for applicants to have documents and tags that will not last forever. In order to allow recruiters to track expiring tags, users can add an expiration date to both Applicant/Talent Documents and Tags. Additionally, there are two Dashboard widgets to help track this information. Below you will find some of the common use cases and learn more about how you can choose to customize these within your database!

Key Takeaways

  • Recruiters can track expiring tags and documents for applicants by adding expiration dates, ensuring timely updates and renewals for items like citizenship status and certifications.

  • Avionte offers the flexibility to create custom tags with expiration dates, allowing for easy tracking of internal tags that may require periodic updates based on administrative control.

  • The introduction of two new Dashboard widgets, "Expiring Talent Documents" and "Expiring Talent Tags," empowers users to efficiently monitor and manage expiring documents and tags, enabling timely follow-ups and updates.


Expiring Applicant Tags
Expiring Applicant Documents
Expiring Dashboard Widgets


Expiring Applicant Tags



While working with applicants who are not citizens in the country that they are working in, tags can be added to inform what their current citizenship status is. These statuses can change and with that, you will want to make sure you know when their status is going to expire.



Applicants who have earned certain certifications will frequently need to get these renewed. By tracking when their certification expires, recruiters will be able to follow this date in order to check in with them. If they have renewed the certification, the tag can be re-applied with the new date, providing you the knowledge that they are still qualified for any roles which it is required for.


Custom Tags

Avionte allows you to have three custom tags, all of which can have expiration dates. This means if you have any internal tags that you track for applicants that need to be updated with any frequency, you can track this! *This can be controlled by your administrator in the Table Editor.


Expiring Applicant Documents

For Applicant Documents, you might find the need to occasionally need a reminder to follow up for new documentation. If applicants send you photo copies of their driver’s licenses, for example, you would want to make sure this was always up-to-date. Whatever the reason might be, recruiters can choose to upload a document with an expiration date and make sure this is always up-to-date for their applicant from the Dashboard widget!


Expiring Dashboard Widgets

As these tags and documents continue to be added, you will be able to keep up to date with them from the two new Dashboard widgets, “Expiring Talent Documents” and “Expiring Talent Tags”. Both allow you to filter to see what is already expired and what will be expiring.


Expiring Background Checks


Expiring Certificates


Expiring Talent Documents


Expiring Talent Tags



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