Tasks Manager Overview

The Tasks Manager is an organizational platform that gives each user the option to view the tasks they have scheduled for either Applicants or Hiring Managers. Each task in the respective categories is organized by date (newest to oldest) and can quickly be reorganized by using the hyperlinks at the top of the page.

Key Takeaways

  • Avionté's Tasks Manager offers a user-friendly platform for organizing and viewing scheduled tasks for Applicants and Hiring Managers.
  • Easily schedule tasks from Applicant or Contact profiles, and track them in the Task Manager for efficient time management.
  • The Applicant Tasks and Hiring Manager Tasks tabs provide detailed information on scheduled activities, allowing for effective communication and follow-ups.

Scheduling a Task

You can schedule a task to be tracked in your task manager for candidates, hiring managers, or vendor contacts. It’s Simple! From an Applicant or Contact profile, select 'Create Task' in the action widget. Once your task has been scheduled, click submit. Your task will then appear on your Events Calendar at the designated time as well as your Task Manager Page.



Applicant Tasks

Choosing this tab allows you to view the tasks you have scheduled with a candidate.

Note: If you are sharing Tasks, then the Hotlists will also be shared.

The details provided are:

    • name of the candidate
    • the type of activity you have scheduled with that individual
    • a section to add your personal notes about the candidate
    • the meeting, the phone call, etc
    • The result of that task: completed, rescheduled, or both



Hiring Manager Tasks

This tab has the same functionality as the Applicants Tasks Tab, except all of the information under this tab, pertains to your hiring managers. The details provided are: name of the client; the type of activity you have scheduled with that client; a section to add your personal notes about the client, the meeting, the phone call, etc. and the result: completed, rescheduled, or both.




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