Contact Profile Tab Overview

This document provides guidance on navigating a contact profile, detailing the use of icons for actions like editing and saving. It explains the various tabs including Activities, Jobs, Tags, and Tasks, and highlights widgets on the right side of the profile that display customizable company information. Additionally, it covers features like updating profile pictures, contact flags denoting status, internal headlines, contact information, social media links, and custom widgets for personalizing the contact viewing experience.


Key Takeaways


Icons used

Icon image Description/Action
mceclip13.png Move/rearrange
mceclip14.png Edit
mceclip15.png Audit Information
mceclip16.png Cancel
mceclip17.png Save



The Contact Widgets are found on the right side of the profile and house pertinent information on the company for easy viewing purposes. These widgets can be moved around using the arrows icon so that each user has a customized view to their liking. Once widgets are placed in the desired order, they "stick" in that location until moved or reordered.  Each Contact profile viewed will have the same set order. 

Hover over the widget to get the editing icon to appear.  The pencil and paper icon is used to edit the information housed in the widget. The circle with the "i" is the audit log that allows for tracking any changes made to the profile.


Profile Picture Widget

Update the profile picture, flags, headline, and make profiles private.

Profile Picture


Profile Picture Widget: Field Details

Note: When updating a profile picture, please follow these recommendations:
  • Keep the photo dimension, size, and file type at or below the following:
  • Max Dimensions: 600 x 600 
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Max Size (KB): 300 KB
  • Accepted file types: .png / .jpg


Contact flags 

Contact flags appear to the left of the Contact profile picture providing an indication of the Contact status at a glance.  There are 3 flag color options:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green

Users within an organization can decide the meaning of each color concerning Contacts.  For example, a Red flag could indicate they should not to be contacted.  A Yellow flag could indicate the Contact is only available on site-specific days of the week.  A Green flag could indicate that they provide any requests for job orders for the company. 

Note: Flags can be updated on the Contact profile at any time.

Contact flags, when used consistently across an organization, can assist users in performing an Advance Search for all Contacts with a specific flag on their Contact profile.  (Flags can be found under Contact Terms in the Advance Search screen.)



The headline is a free text field used to highlight important information about the Contact.  This field is only for internal purposes and is only seen by the internal users of the platform. 

Use this field to build relationships with the Contact or have key notes for quick reference when talking to the Contact.  Example:  plays golf twice a week, collects rare coins, has a dog named Spot, do not call on weekends, etc.


Contact Information Widget

House all contact information in the Contact Information Widget.

Contact Information

This widget is important for a variety of reasons. In order to email the contact through the system, the email must be entered. Using your phone or sending a text requires a phone number, and if running a contact search, it will pull from the address logged within this widget. 



Referral Information Widget

Referral Information


Social Media Widget

Connect all social media sites here and view all linked social media profiles with the click of a button. 

Social Media



Organization Information Widget

Organization Information



Contact Status Widget

Contact Status


Quick Actions Widget

The Action Widget houses all available candidate actions through Avionté.

Quick Actions

Users can edit this widget to have their three most common actions appear first. Additional action will be found in the drop-down on the fourth widget, which will always be the last action taken from that widget. 



Custom Widget

This widget is individual to the user. Once you set your custom widget, your selection will remain on each profile you visit. Customize it to your liking. Options include education and work history, and tags.

Custom Widget 















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