Avionté provides users with the ability to take action in mass from a number of different places in your system. To put it simply, wherever you see the little check marks next to a name, you can be sure that selecting them will then generate the mass action list. 


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Company (Contacts Tab)

  • Company Activities
  • Company Tasks
  • Tearsheets
  • Change Representatives
  • Send Email
  • Company Flag




Job - Talent Screen

  • Send Email
  • Send EEO
  • Send Start Sheet
  • Change Stage
  • Mass Start
  • Talent Declined
  • Declined - Unqualified
  • Declined - Overqualified
  • Declined - Attitude
  • Declined - Talent Not Interested
  • Declined - Salary/Pay
  • Candidate Declined
  • Client Passed
  • Move to Another Job
  • Send Text Message
  • Edit Flag
  • Mass Background Check
  • Mass Onboard



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