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The company profile page in AviontéBOLD serves as a collaborative hub for managing company-related information and tasks. It houses crucial details for current and potential clients, aiding sales teams in effective client management. The document covers various tabs like Invoices, Contacts, Documents, Organization, Activities, Jobs, Overview, Tags, POs, Sales, Opportunities, Timesheets, and Restrictions. Additionally, it explains the use of icons, widgets on the right side of the profile, and features such as company profile customization, company information storage, operational details, industry insights, and a comprehensive company dashboard. This centralized platform facilitates streamlined management and coordination.


Key Takeaways

  1. Centralized Hub for Effective Management: AviontéBOLD's company profile page serves as a centralized hub where sales teams can access and manage essential information about both current and potential clients. This platform facilitates streamlined collaboration and task management for improved client interactions.

  2. Comprehensive Tabs and Widgets: The profile page includes various tabs such as Invoices, Contacts, Documents, and more, providing an all-encompassing view of a company's interactions and details. Widgets on the right side of the profile offer customizable views, enabling users to efficiently access pertinent information.

  3. Detailed Company Insights: AviontéBOLD empowers users with detailed insights into company information, including organizational structure, financial data, industry specifics, and more. This holistic approach to information management enhances understanding and communication with clients, contributing to effective sales efforts.



Icons used


Icons used

Icon image Description/Action
mceclip0.png Move / rearrange
mceclip1.png Edit
mceclip2.png Audit Information
mceclip3.png Cancel
mceclip4.png Save



The Company Widgets are found on the right side of the profile and house pertinent information on the company for easy viewing purposes. These widgets can be moved around so that each user has a customized view to their liking. Hover over the widget to get the editing icons to appear. The arrows widget can be used to move the widgets around, while the pencil and paper icon is used to edit the information house in the widget. The circle with the i is the audit log that allows for easy tracking of who edited what in the profile.



Company Profile Widget

This widget houses the profile picture, company name, and social media links.

Company Profile

The profile picture can be shown as the logo, a screen shot of the homepage, or a picture can be uploaded. The screenshot image can be utilized as long as the web address is entered into the Company Information Widget.

From this widget, profiles can also be made private. This means users without the Sales Manager access level cannot view the profile. Company Profiles can also be deleted from here. 


Company Profile: Field Details

Note: When updating a profile picture, please follow these recommendations:

  • Keep the photo dimension, size, and file type at or below the following:
  • Max Dimensions: 600 x 600 
  • Aspect Ratio: 4:3
  • Max Size (KB): 300 KB
  • Accepted file types: .png / .jpg



Company Information Widget

Store company contact information here. Tab, this contact information can be used for the address, phone number, and company website. 

Company Information

While individual office numbers and addresses can be housed under the offices in the Contacts.  Email Rules can also be stored here. These rules can then be applied for new contacts so that the guessing is eliminated when trying to figure out how to get an email through. 




Operation Information Widget

Easily edit the Company Representatives, or which users are working with the company, the status, Markups, Comp Codes and Billing terms in one location.

Operational Information

Using Quickbooks online? You can also quickly sync the profile with Quickbooks using the Quickbook Sync option.




Industry Information Widget

Track the industry, revenue, employee number, and get real time stock prices! This widget allows users to easily see industry information regarding the current or prospective client. 

Industry Information




Company Dashboard Widget

Company Dashboard







View Open, Outstanding, and Invoice Summaries.




Easily view all offices and contacts from the Contacts Tab.


By utilizing the Quick Sort, pictured below, your team can easily view contacts that have recently been contacted, need to be contacted, or have never contacted. Using our Flags feature to label your points of contact allows you to easily sort by key decision makers. 

Clicking on a number allows you to view your contacts that fall under the selected category.



This tab also allows your team to create and organize new offices and contacts. Create a new office by clicking on the blue "Add New Office" and then add new contacts to each office by selecting the blue "Add New Contact" button located next to each office. 


Outreach Frequency Color Coordination


Once a contact is created, you can easily see how long it has been since the contact was last contacted. At the top of the Contacts page is a key showing which color means which. The contacts name will be displayed in this color below.



You can house all company-specific documents under the documents tab.


Here, your sales team can house contracts, SOWs, MSAs, and other important forms.  You can upload documents in a Company with the associated doctypes.

Adobe Sign documents can be utilized from this tab.





Create a chart of who is who and top players at an organization.


Our Organization Chart makes it easy for your team to clearly see the structure of the organization. Add Contacts and who they report to using the drop-down menus and then drag and drop to move contacts around so that you never lose track of key players in the company. Users can also export the chart to a CSV file to share with their team. The export to excel option makes it easy to download and export the entire org chart for Enterprise level clients. 





Track all correspondence with your company contacts under the Activities Tab.


Filter by the user, activity type, branches, and date to see what kind of correspondence your Avionté users have had with the contacts at the company. 





Easily keep track of all Jobs whether present or pass through the Jobs Tab. The numbers at the top of the page give users a quick look at the number of jobs within each status and clicking on that number will filter the list to those specific jobs.


The blue button "Show Only Open Jobs" allows your team to quickly view only jobs with open statuses.





Keep track of important notes in the Overview Tab. Whether it is the story of the company or notes that your sales team will need on the company, they can be added and edited within this tab. 






Tags allow Avionté users to easily search for certain criteria. The more tags, the more narrow searches Avionté users can perform within the CRM. 


Tags: Field Details

Company Categories/Details

This parent/child tag can be added by using the drop down menu. First select the parent Category tag and then add the sub Detail Tag. 


Company Tags

These tags can be added quickly and in the moment. Company users can enter tags that they want to search off of later. 


Conversion and Refund Schedules

Keep track of your conversion and refund schedules here.





If using purchase orders, they can be added and tracked here. Use the green "Add New PO" button to add your Purchase Order and the blue "Edit" button to update them as needed.




Easily see your sales efforts across various lines of business. Simply select the date range and click "Run Report" to see your numbers!



Note: The Sales Tab will only show for clients who are BOLD only, not for clients who are BO integrated with Classic. 



Opportunities are where your team can track each outreach effort for prospective client and record potential future jobs for existing clients.




This tool allows easy tracking of your contractors and which one still need to submit their time, which timesheets need to be approved, those have been approved and which ones have been rejected. 








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