Syncing your Email

We have email syncing options for every type of users. Take a look at the below options and chose the one that best suits your needs.



Anytime you need to send sync an email, you can bcc the email address and the message will be synced to the recipient's respective Avionté profile.



Auto sync

For the user who doesn't want to think twice! Avionté will automatically sync the emails located within the folders you designate.


From the Utilities Tab - Locate Auto Sync

  1. Authenticate your credentials
  2. Select your folders.
    1. Once you have successfully authenticated your credentials linking Avionté to your server, Avionté will display the folders you have set up in our outlook.
  3. From there, just select the folders Avionté should look to, and you're done!

The sync process will run within the first 15 minutes that your auto sync is authenticated and will continue to run every 15 minutes after that. You will see the associated sync times to the right of your auto sync settings each time a sync completes.


By using Auto-Sync or Custom SMTP, your e-mail security is based on your e-mail provider (i.e. Gmail), Avionté does not apply security.  Your security settings are just as secure as Gmail.

Note: Also note that this feature does not support 2-step Authentication.



Email Sync Add-in

Perfect for the user you want to choose which email should and should not be synced. The Add-in offers a perfect solution for the users who want the option to select which emails are synced to Avionté profiles (which are not for Gmail users).



For Outlook Users

You're in luck - the Outlook add-in comes in a package with four other cool add-ins! In Addition to the sync option, you will also benefit from the following add-in shortcuts:

To install the new Outlook Add-In, please follow the steps below:

  1. First close / shut down Outlook
  2. If you have an older Outlook Add-In running, you need to uninstall this first.
    1. Adding the Outlook Addin.
    2. Download the New Outlook Add-In
  3. As soon as the download is finished, you will be prompted to run the file.
    1. Now, you will need to install the new buttons. 
  4. Click Next and save the file in your documents folder.
  5. Click Browse and find My Documents
  6. Click Next.
  7. Click Install and the new Outlook Add-In’s will now be in Outlook.
    1. Before the Outlook buttons can be added to your toolbar, you need to enter and save your credentials to allow for Avionté to sync with your Outlook.
  8. Now, re-open Outlook, go to the Add-Ins tab
  9. Click on the Applicant sync button.
  10. You will be prompted to input your Avionté user name (email), password and Install ID. If you do not know your Install ID, contact your Account Manager and they will be happy to help you with this.
  11. If you would like to add the buttons to your Quick Access Toolbar
    1. Right click on each individual button and click add to the toolbar.

For environments using 1 machine for many users (virtual, etc.)

Note: the Outlook Add Ins are compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit. The Outlook Add Ins are not compatible with Mac computers.



Syncing Outbound Emails

You can sync and send an email with all recipients (“To”, “CC”, “BCC”) in a single click. To do this, compose your email (and instead of clicking the blue send button ), just click the red “Sync and Send” Avionté button: the “Sync and Send” button appears after the successful installation of the extension.


Syncing Inbound Emails

Select which received emails you would like to sync and select the Avionté sync icon- found next to the reply arrow in Gmail. 





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